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Selected for the "Prospect Musical Theater Lab"

Brooke Trumm and Will Shishmanian were selected for the 2023 Prospect Musical Theater Lab as a writing team to write a new 10-minute musical. This short musical is one of 9 showcased in a night of new short-form musical theatre.


"Pandora Rocks" Quarter Finalist


"Pandora Rocks" places in the quarter-finals of the ScreenCraft Family Screenplay Competition 2022.

"Pandora Rocks" Second Rounder


"Pandora Rocks" qualifies as a Second Rounder in the Austin Film Festival 2022

"Pandora Rocks" Quarter Finalist


"Pandora Rocks" places in the quarter-finals of the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Fall 2021.

Pandora Rocks on Follow Spot Podcast

Brooke Trumm and Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm were interviewed about their new animated musical project: Pandora Rocks. Learn about the story, and listen to the songs on this new episode of the Follow Spot Podcast.

August 2021

Broadway’s Future Songbook

May 2021

"Grow in the City" will be featured in Lincoln Center's "Broadway's Future Songbook" series on May 24th. Originally written for "Village Song" with Rattlestick Playwright's Theater.
Lyrics by Mikey Rosenbaum

Pandora Rocks - Table Read

A table read of "Pandora Rocks: An Animated Rock Musical" was done at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Read more about "Pandora Rocks" below.

May 2021

Village Song - Rattlestick Playwright’s Theater

March 2021

"Grow in the City" featured in "Village Song" by Rattlestick Playwright's Theater. Directed by Marella Martin Koch. Watch "Grow in the City" below.

F*** Love - Encompass Arts

"I Met Her Too Young" featured in Encompass Art's "F*** Love: A Heartbreaking Cabaret." Lyrics written by Sam Norman. Watch "I Met Her Too Young" below.

February 2021

Death & Taxes - HARP Theatricals

"Death & Taxes: A 20-Minute Musical" produced Zoom reading by HARP Theatricals. Watch the show on YouTube.

December 2020

Creativity Is Not Canceled

"Creativity Is Not Canceled" pandemic song cycle is now available to listen to on Spotify and all other streaming platforms. "Quarantine of One" written by myself and lyrics by Maggie Moe.

November 2020

Uncharted: A Virtual Individualized Musical Theatre Cabaret

"Grapevine" with lyrics by Andrew Strano is being featured in Gallatin Theater Troupe's "Uncharted: A Virtual Individualized Musical Theatre Cabaret."


May 2020

CC&D - Tisch Dance

"Doing the Inner Work" with words by Erica Molfetto was featured in NYU Tisch Dance's 2020 Choreographers, Composers, & Designers showcase. Choreography by Ajanay Hough & Tyler McNair.

May 2020


GMTWP Christmas Cabaret

"Penny" with lyrics by Clare Beirman is being featured in NYU Tisch's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program's Christmas Cabaret. Rock on.

December 2019


Visions - Classical Ballet Academy

May 2019

"REM" a piece for solo piano, was commissioned by Classical Ballet Academy in Portland,OR and performed in their Spring modern dance showcase: Visions. Choreographed by Sissy Dawson. Listen to "REM" on Soundcloud below.

The Secret of Life - Premier

"The Secret of Life" 1-Act musical, with book, music, and lyrics by myself premiered at the University of Idaho Administration Auditorium. Watch the full musical on YouTube.

April 2018

XXVI - Dancers Drummers Dreamers

March 2018

"Diversion, Deception, Danger" featured in the DancersDrummersDreamers show: XXVI. Choreographed by Brianna Bogan. Performed at the University of Idaho's Hartung Theater. Listen on Soundcloud.

Retro - Dancers Drummers Dreamers

March 2017

"Taps and Brushes" featured in the DancersDrummersDreamers show: Retro. Choreographed by Tim Malm. Performed at the University of Idaho's Hartung Theater.

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